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Meet The Original Strategy Hacker™

“Imagination is the Engine. Content is the Fuel. Social Media is the Highway. Marketing is the Roadmap. Sales is the Destination. Culture is the GPS.” – Troy Sandidge

Troy Sandidge is a Growth Marketing Consultant, aka The Strategy Hacker™, who empowers businesses to achieve next-level growth through innovative marketing strategies and results-driven social media solutions.



Why Brands Hire The Strategy Hacker?

Troy Is A Strategic Mastermind For Hire

For over 10 years Troy has been developing innovative growth marketing strategies and results-driven social media solutions for companies looking to be leading disruptors among their industries on the internet.

Brands hire Troy or his expanded company Strategy Hackers because he’s a strategic mastermind and leader of strategic masterminds that span the full breadth of the strategic marketing spectrum at igniting business momentum, generating rapid progress mechanisms to accelerate market distribution, eliminating complex obstacles through innovation, and creating simplistic pathways to achieve desired business goals.

Premier Strategy Solutions

Our collection of strategy solutions is for any brand or business that needs to:

• Generating More Premium Leads & Conversions
• Maximizing Revenue & Profitability
• Elevating Brand Authority & Establishing Digital Footprint
• Creating Growth Marketing Solutions
• Strategy Mapping & Brainstorming
• Activating Social Media To Build Communities
• Building Digital Systems & Business Frameworks
• Developing Marketing Teams & Infrastructure
• Increasing Scalability & Sustainability
• Fractional CMO & Virtual Enterprise Marketing Advisory Council
• Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategy and Communication
• Motivating Business Mindset, Pushing Marketing Momentum, & Maximizing Money

Troy’s Reputation Is All About Getting Results

Troy has a reputation for being proficient at establishing purpose-driven brand identities, expanding brand reach, establishing engaging advocate-centric communities, and increasing brand profitability through digital marketing strategies that taps into the power of storytelling and social media.

Providing Strategy Solutions To Clients Worldwide 

Work portfolio includes Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs, Nonprofits, Public Figures, Investors, Fortune 500 Brands & Executive Leadership among others who are trying to break new ground or just getting started navigating the digital world to new heights. Troy is all about speed, efficiency, being tactical, momentum, and making progress. His premium growth strategies and marketing solutions have generated over $100 million for our clients worldwide!

$100 M+

Client Generated Revenue


Social Media Campaigns


National Brand Campaigns


New Brands Launched



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